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Vuoi perfezionare il tuo stile e la tua tecnica di ballo? Perugia Salsa & Fitness Week è un'imperdibile occasione, i migliori artisti e scuole di salsa a livello nazionale ed internazionale.]]>
<![CDATA[Mesa Photographer Receives Coveted Major Awards at State Convention and Print Competition.]]>,2013-05-14:1452802013-05-14T00:39:01-07:00logo

The Arizona Professional Photographers Association (AZPPA), an affiliate of the national Professional Photographers of America (PPA), presented its annual service, achievement, and photographic merit awards at their convention banquet held at the Phoenix airport Hilton.]]>
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On September 5, 2012 by Hammed AlTamimi. The seeds of smiles build hope in my being. Be with those who keep you afloat above all noise and distractions…. Smile to appreciate the fresh breath of air one allows you to inhale, to inspire the garden you want to build, reflecting imaginations of what heaven might feel against the brush of our fingertips ….]]>
<![CDATA[The Independent Music Festival Steps Up As Summer’s Saviour]]>,2012-05-23:985552012-05-23T09:43:19-07:00logo

Ireland's music festival season is upon us and with Slane and Oxygen exiting the circuit, time has come for independent festivals to step into the limelight and take centre stage.]]>