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The consumer world today is rapidly changing. Long gone is the era of passive consumerism, these days consumers want to have their say on every product and service they invest in. And with the cutthroat competition, companies are actively seeking ways to gain more leverage through innovation. With the birth of a whole new universe of social media, businesses play an entirely different ballgame.]]>
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A hard drive (also known as a hard disk drive or HDD) is a type of disk drive that is used for storing software and data on a computer. A hard drive consists of a single piece of hardware that encloses one or more magnetic platters and the components necessary for the hard drive to function. Hard drives are used because every computer needs a storage device to store data.]]>
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New methods of data storage have been introduced in the past decade, and as the world of information technology moves forward, advanced security measures are being taken to ensure the protection of user identities and data. Cloud Storage in particular is being scrutinized for its security dependability.]]>
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Today we wanted to really show you something special. A high end power PC with 16GB memory, Intel i7 and 2TB of storage for £537.]]>
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This morning I decided to do something different. On the kitchen table right beside my morning cup of coffee, I sat down next to my paper calendar and my paper notebook. In that notebook I looked back at the prior days worth of notes I had taken and the next actions that I set out to accomplish.]]>
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PC Backup Review, founded in 2006, has relaunched for 2012 with updated articles, reviews, and new features including free online backup consulting.]]>
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The example. I wrote this example in an effort to monitor the Windows Services that are installed on my system at any given time. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and learn a bit about MVVM, DataBinding, and WPF in the process. I'll start by showing you a class diagram of the solution.]]>
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Videoconferencing in the cloud solves interoperability and budget challenges. By Leslie O'Neill. August 16, 2012. The videoconferencing and telepresence market will enjoy an influx of $22 billion as enterprises increase their spending on videoconferencing hardware and software over the next four years, according to a recent report by Infonetics Research.]]>