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The Rule of Law Prevails Over Local Practices – A Quincy Quarry Special Report on why Quincy Police Officer job applicant Justine Ruggiero won his Civil Service Grievance. This is also not the first time the City of Quincy during the tenure of Mayor Thomas Koch was found to have acted improperly in a bypass matter involving the Quincy Police Department.]]>
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Within the Federal Bureau of Investigations, there are a variety of different roles that criminal justice professionals can pursue – one of which is an FBI Profiler. Individuals in this role are responsible for assisting with special investigations in which there is a need for a comprehensive behavior and psychological profile of a criminal or suspect.]]>
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Serving the United States since 1908, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its agents work to examine violations of Federal law and conduct sensitive national security investigations. Individuals are required to meet a variety of qualifications to become part of an agency whose primary goal is to protect and defend the United States against threats and uphold criminal laws.]]>
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Violent crimes and home invasions are increasing at a staggering rate. As a college student you are considered an easier threat to criminals then most. Read these simple tips to help keep you safe.]]>
<![CDATA[The Rise And Fall Of Zeek Rewards]]>,2012-09-17:988842012-09-17T16:04:10-07:00logo

The demise of the $600 Million Dollar Zeek Rewards ponzi scheme should have been easy to see from the beginning. But many people wanted to believe in the promises of founder Paul Burks - and many still do. This is the story of the Rise And Fall Of Zeek Rewards.]]>