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Most everyone has experienced taking tests based upon questions that can be answered true or false. Of course I preferred these types of questions rather than multiple choice, as I had a 50% chance of getting it right in the event I failed to study. The premise of these true and false tests is simple; one answer is true the other is false.]]>
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During a time when the health care industry is undergoing a variety of changes caused by not only modern technology but an overall change in the United States health care system, today’s health care administrators are faced with new and unprecedented challenges. Health care in the United States faces new challenges each day and the decision largely falls on administrators to strategize and address these issues and to continue to provide adequate care for patients.]]>
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Social Media Guidelines for Small Businesses, Authors, and Professionals will help you establish a platform to effectively manage and maintain your social media activities while honoring best practices and ability to measure your results. My blog posts are geared to helping professional know how to set up social media channels and integrate them with tools for effective social media management, day to day engagement, measuring and monitoring your communities.]]>