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Summary: The touch panel images shows some interesting elements of the design but, the video shows the flexibility of the touch panel design. Code Creative XL is part of two amazing companies (AMX & Crestron) but, is pOp Retro a AMX or a Crestron design. If you believe you know which platform pOp Retro was designed in, please leave a comment. ]]>
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Announcing -- Special offer on 2015 programming rates if paid in advance in November or December 2014! — $40 Hourly Rate!]]>
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Code Creative XL can modify an existing touch panel file or create a custom panel design for your customer that delivers a great user experience. One of our latest custom designs is pOp Retro. pOp Retro is a residential touch panel design but, elements of the design can be applied to a residential or commercial design. pOp Retro is a new custom touch panel theme unlike any other. pOp Retro is a classic touch panel design with a modern twist. pOp Retro was designed for today's multitask users. There are 10,000 different ways to use pOp Retro but only one great user experience. For more information please visit -]]>
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Code Creative XL, is a software development company that focuses on custom code for AMX, Biamp, Crestron, Lutron, VBrick, and Apple iOS devices/ systems. Code Creative XL is part of Crestron Authorize Services Provider (CSP), Biamp Third Party Authorized Programming Resource, and AMX Valued Independent Programmers(VIP) team, which represent an elite level of A/V control system programming and user interface design expertise. ]]>