Latest Stories for SES Promoted Stories,2015-04-13:/organization/633312015-04-13T00:27:13-07:00<![CDATA[SES Shareholders Hold Annual General Meeting]]>,2015-04-02:3656662015-04-02T06:18:08-07:00logo

Dividend of EUR 1.18 per share approved Mrs Anne-Catherine Ries and Mrs Katrin Wehr-Seiter elected new Members of the Board of Directors ]]>
<![CDATA[BBC World News Now in HD across Europe via Astra 19.2E]]>,2015-04-01:3622602015-04-01T01:30:08-07:00logo

<![CDATA[SES and Digicel Donate Emergency Satellite Services to Vanuatu]]>,2015-03-20:3723992015-03-20T03:02:08-07:00logo

<![CDATA[X2nSat Unveils Fastest Enterprise Broadband with SES and Newtec]]>,2015-03-18:3544422015-03-18T01:37:09-07:00logo

Reliable Ku-band solution tailored to today’s enterprise with terrestrial-like speeds of up to 15Mbit/s ]]>
<![CDATA[An Ocean of Bandwidth: KVH Connects More Ships at Sea with SES]]>,2015-03-17:3632212015-03-17T09:51:09-07:00logo

Maritime leader taps more SES capacity to serve top maritime routes throughout the Americas ]]>
<![CDATA[SES: Satellites Are on the Rise]]>,2015-03-17:3674302015-03-17T06:37:02-07:00logo

<![CDATA[SES Reaches 312 Million TV Homes Worldwide, 1.1 Billion People]]>,2015-03-17:3635762015-03-17T05:04:15-07:00logo

<![CDATA[Global Eagle Entertainment and SES Sign Major Capacity Deals on Three HTS Satellites as Part of Global in-Flight Connectivity Pact]]>,2015-03-16:3688602015-03-16T11:03:09-07:00logo

New agreements utilize HTS capacity on SES’s newly announced spacecraft ]]>
<![CDATA[SES and Airbus Defence and Space Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement to Launch New Offers to Enterprise Markets]]>,2015-03-16:3607332015-03-16T09:17:17-07:00logo

Mining, energy, humanitarian sectors to benefit from high quality managed satcom services delivered jointly by SES’s global satellite fleet and Airbus Defence and Space’s new Terralink offerings ]]>
<![CDATA[SES Conducts Second Successful O3b Satellite Demonstration for the U.S. Government]]>,2015-03-16:3559832015-03-16T01:25:08-07:00logo

Game-changing technology delivers fiber-from-the-sky to remote and inaccessible areas ]]>
<![CDATA[SES and SkyStream Strengthen Partnership to Deliver VSAT Services across the Middle East]]>,2015-03-11:3657862015-03-11T10:32:08-07:00logo

<![CDATA[SES Signs a Contract with Arianespace For SES-15 And Airbus Defence and Space For SES-14]]>,2015-03-06:3604322015-03-06T08:08:09-08:00logo

41st launch service contract with Arianespace for SES-15 / Final signature of the SES-14 satellite contract with Airbus Defence and Space ]]>
<![CDATA[SES: Satellite Plays Key Role in Future Networks]]>,2015-03-02:3341432015-03-02T09:12:08-08:00logo

<![CDATA[SES Appoints New Chief Development Officer]]>,2015-03-02:3522512015-03-02T00:01:23-08:00logo

<![CDATA[SES Announces Two Launch Agreements with SpaceX]]>,2015-02-25:3425012015-02-25T00:19:20-08:00logo

Falcon 9 booster to launch SES-14 and SES-16/ GovSat in 2017 ]]>