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Everbridge Helps Clients Mitigate Risk with the Launch of Its Next Generation Incident Management Solution

(Business Wire Everbridge announced today that is has launched its next generation Everbridge Incident Management solution. The Incident Management solution allows organizations to automate their communications processes according to preconfigured rules and capture required compliance information for reporting purposes. By automating these processes, organizations are able to reduce human errors and improve the mean-time-to-resolution for critical response teams. This often helps mitigate the risks and decrease the costs commonly associated with operational interruptions.

One of the most common critiques of many existing incident management solutions is the level of difficulty that users experience during routine tasks. The new Incident Management solution is highly-configurable and easy-to-use. In fact, customizable templates can be used to create a complete incident workflow with simple drop-down menus in only a matter of minutes. This allows organizations to set up the system or add new incident types on-the-fly, giving organizations the agility that they need to respond to business interruptions without compromising the automation, process controls and reporting that they require.

An important aspect of the Incident Management solution is that administrators can utilize geo-aware targeting to identify resources with required skillsets by proximity to an open incident. Also, messages can be initiated from any web-based device and delivered using a variety of contact paths (SMS, mobile phones, email, landline, mobile apps, TTY, pagers, FAX, etc.) ensuring that access to office facilities, and communications infrastructure outages don’t impact an organizations ability to mobilize response teams. Highly sensitive attachments and communications can be delivered as a secure message using Everbridge mobile apps.

Given that oftentimes incidents are not isolated and frequently have a cascading effect, the Everbridge Incident Management solution has been designed to manage multiple incidents in parallel using a single incident dashboard. All communications, incident notes, and responses are tracked with logging, confirmation tracking, and incident journaling to meet internal and external compliance requirements. With the addition of Incident Management, Everbridge combines emergency and operational communications on a unified platform with centralized contact management, shared workflows, detailed compliance and performance reporting, as well as secure two-way communications to virtually any mobile device.

“Fast, reliable, and secure communications are crucial to the operations of any organization. Our new Incident Management solution brings greater levels of flexibility, agility, geo-awareness and ease-of-use to an industry plagued with solutions that are arduous to set up, manage and operate,” said Imad Mouline, chief technology officer, Everbridge. “With, Everbridge, our clients are now able to manage all critical communications from emergency notification and mass communications to incident management on a single enterprise system.”

About the Everbridge Solutions Suite

The new Incident Management solution is part of the Everbridge solutions suite, a single, enterprise system for all critical communications. The Everbridge solutions suite provides administrators with a unified contact database to send secure messages across many contact paths to recipients via list or location in order to manage emergencies, mass notifications, incident communications, and to gather situational intelligence. With interactive mobile apps for both administrators and recipients, Everbridge offers the most advanced global connectivity for organizations who want to communicate with 1 or 1 million targeted individuals in the same city or anywhere around the world.

About Everbridge

Everbridge provides critical communication solutions to more than 30 million end users in all major industries and government sectors around the globe. The Everbridge solutions suite allows clients to manage emergencies, mass notifications, incident communications, and situational intelligence from a single system. Ultimately, these solutions help clients save lives, manage critical activities and improve the efficiency of daily operations. For more information about Everbridge, please see