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Green Bay Packers Are Set To Win Super Bowl XLIX By: Sports Columnists Israel Soliz

(Part 1 of 6) The NFL playoffs are just around the corner and people are already making predictions as to who will be playing in Super Bowl XLIX. Currently, the Green Bay Packers are the odds on favorite to with the Big Game, and for good reason. There are three main reasons why the Packers will walk out of Glendale, Arizona with another NFL Championship.

The Top Ranked NFL QB

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best to ever play the quarterback position in the NFL. He is currently the top rated QB in the league with a rating of 86.3 with the number two QB, Peyton Manning, at just a 79.7 rating.

Rodgers is hitting his stride at just the right time in the season and is building up momentum that will take the Packers all the way to the Super Bowl and bring another championship to Green Bay. With so many weapons Rodgers will continue to put up spectacular numbers.

 The Receiving Corps

Rodgers has a very talented receiving corps to throw to with Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb combining for 22 touchdowns so far this season. This tandem is keeping defensive coordinators up at night because one of those guys is probably going to be open no matter what kind of defensive scheme you throw at them.

Eddie Lacy And The Running Game

When Rodgers is not throwing the ball down the field he is handing it off to Eddie Lacy with excellent results. lacy is currently averaging 4.5 per carry and is on pace for another 1,000 yard season. Defenses will have to pick their poison. If they try to stop the run Rodgers will pick them apart through the air. If the drop back in pass protection Lacy will run it right down their throats.  

And when Eddie Lacy goes out the Packers will hand the ball to James Starks who is averaging 4.1 yards per carry. The Packers can outscore any team in the NFL and as long as they stay healthy they will be lifting the Lombardi Trophy one more time. Your opinion is welcome here CLICK NOW

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It's not about talent once you get to the NFL because everyone's got it. It's about being willing to go that extra mile to be the best and that's something that I've always done. -Robert Griffin III
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