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LuckyFashion was founded in 2013. We specialize in designing handmade steel boned corsets of different styles. The main inspiration for us was a look of a woman in a corset: elegance, grace and beauty . Every single corset is a piece of art designed with love.


This beautiful steampunk brocade black corset is available in waist sizes 30". Corset making takes from 10-15 days,and will be sent to you within 1-3 business days.


Front length: 15.7 inches (39.30 cm) 
Bust to bottom length: 17 inches (43.15 cm)
Side length: 15 inches (38 cm)
Back length: 17.5 inches (44 cm)
Boning: 2 spiral steel bones over the bust of the corset.
Boning: 14 flat steel bones are distributed all around the corset.
Front Opening: metal clasp 
Lacing: 8 meter long lace for tightening the corset.
Grommets: 18 X 2 = 36 total in the back 
Panels: 14 panels, 7 on each side.
Modesty panel: 6 inches wide (Used to hide skin at the back if needed).
Fabric Layer-1: Shell Fabric 100% Poly Brocade.
Fabric Layer-2: lining 100% cotton.
Trim: Tan Faux Leather trim and metal buckles
Waist type: 1 inch wide satin waist tape is used for perfect grip and hold.
Bone casing: All bones are placed under cotton twill bone casing.


To choose a corset that fits you just right you need to know the size of your waist ( the narrowest part of the torso). The waist size of the corset should be 4"-5" smaller than your actual waist size.
Ex: if your waist size is 30"-31" then the corset size should be 26". Please check the SIZE CHART picture above.
Tags: Corset Fashion Steampunk Brocade