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Why Are Adult Men Choosing To Be Circumcised

Whilst circumcision is most commonly practiced on young boys, often within the first weeks of their life, many men also choose to be circumcised as an adult.

This can be due to a number of reasons:

Health Reasons

There are quite a number of health reasons for adult men choosing to be circumcised. In some cases, adult circumcision may be the result of a medical emergency, or at least as a last resort:

-          Paraphimosis – This is a medical emergency where the foreskin is pulled back and becomes trapped underneath the head of the penis and can’t be returned to its normal position. This condition, often caused as a complication of a medical procedure, can cause swelling to develop around the penis; this can block the blood supply. Without treatment, the tissue of the penis will begin to die. This condition can usually be treated with medication to reduce swelling, or a minor surgery to return the foreskin to normal. However, in rare cases when these treatments are not effective, circumcision is the only answer.

-          Phimosis – This is a condition where the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back, making it difficult to clean the head of the penis and at times making sexual intercourse painful. Some men may choose adult circumcision as a solution to this problem.

-          Balanitis – This is an inflammation of the foreskin, in most cases caused by a bacterial infection. Balanitis can be a side effect of phimosis. Circumcision is only recommended in rare cases, where adults have repeated infections. Balanitis can usually be treated using antibiotics.

One of the most common health reasons for adult circumcision is personal hygiene. Many men believe that by being circumcised, they will have fewer problems with keeping themselves clean. For some individuals with experience of caring for elderly relatives who struggle to maintain their personal hygiene, adult circumcision presents an ideal solution to avoid urinary tract infections and incontinence when they are older.

Personal and Social Reasons

Some men choose to visit an adult circumcision clinic for personal or social reasons. In some cases, men may believe that the foreskin is unattractive and feel that a circumcised penis has a much cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Some men may also be convinced by their partners to have the operation if they feel that the foreskin is unattractive.

Some men believe that choosing to be circumcised will help to boost their sexual performance, preventing premature ejaculation, as well as improving the feeling of sex as the head of the penis is more sensitive.

Although this is less common, some men also choose to be circumcised for religious reasons. Whereas many individuals are circumcised as a religious right of passage at a very young age, for some men, religion may come to them at a much later time if they were not raised as religious or are ‘born again’ in a different religion to the one they were born into.

If you would like to find out more information about adult circumcision, or would like to book an appointment at an adult circumcision clinic, you can visit

One of the most common health reasons for adult circumcision is personal hygiene
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