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Discovery Channel’s FAST N’ LOUD Crew Puts Mobil 1 Through Extreme Testing Gauntlet

Two-part web series, Hot N’ Cold, will be featured on starting March 16 Simulations showcase engine performance and protection of Mobil 1 motor oil during spectrum of temperature conditions, including punishing heat and vicious cold FAST N’ LOUD stars automotive legend Richard Rawlings and prodigy Aaron Kaufman, airing Monday nights on Discovery Channel

(Business Wire To illustrate engine protection and performance benefits, the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand, Mobil 1™, will be subjected to harsh out-of-the-lab analysis and testing during Hot N’ Cold, a two-part web series starring the hosts of Discovery Channel’s popular series FAST NLOUD, which airs as part of Discovery’s Motor Mondays.

The real-world trials, which will be showcased on starting Monday, March 16, feature FAST N’ LOUD’s Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman at their Gas Monkey Garage exploring how Mobil 1 protects the engine of a worn down vehicle when faced with strenuous conditions – persistent heat and ruthless cold.

“We’re very excited to have FAST N’ LOUD’s Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman run Mobil 1 through their gauntlet,” said Nikki Leon, technical engineer at ExxonMobil. “They are known for pushing cars and engines to the max. We are confident that the results of their simulations will truly showcase that our normal is keeping engines running like new in extreme cold, extreme heat and everything in between.”

During the punishing heat test of Hot N’ Cold, Kaufman and Rawlings take an engine that’s clocked nearly 150,000 miles with minimal oil changes and fill it with Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil before completing 522 grueling laps around a racetrack in Texas.

Engines see increased heat from circumstances such as a long drive, a blistering summer day or stop-and-go traffic, as seen by Rawlings and Kaufman’s test vehicle. This heat can cause motor oil to oxidize, thicken and leave deposits, which can affect an engine’s performance. Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil provides outstanding high-temperature performance and is proven to protect at engine temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

For the vicious cold test simulation of Hot N’ Cold at the Gas Monkey Garage, Kaufman places a bottle of Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil inside a cooler that contains dry ice. The freezing cooler drops the oil’s temperature to well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. From there, Kaufman pours the oil in the car’s engine (the same car used in the heat test) and sees how well the oil can protect given its incredibly cold state.

Cold weather can cause motor oil to flow either too slowly, or not at all, which can take a toll on an engine. As the FAST N’ LOUD duo’s dry ice cooler demonstrates, Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil flows at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, so that a car gets the oil it needs immediately at startup. The advanced technology of Mobil 1 motor oil combines proprietary base stocks with a balanced additive system to provide protection in four dimensions – cold, heat, wear and sludge.

About Discovery Channel’s FAST N’ LOUD

Television’s #1 car show, FAST N’ LOUD, airs Mondays on Discovery Channel and features Dallas-based Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman. While Richard has the eye for spotting that rare car find, Aaron is the master mechanic who decides if these relics are too far gone or ready for a Gas Monkey Garage overhaul. This dynamic duo travel back roads around the country scouring barns, swap meets and open fields in search of these rare rides - forgotten and neglected classic cars – to buy and restore. FAST N’ LOUD is one of the network’s top draws at, drawing millions of video streams each season. Follow the series on Facebook at and on Twitter at @FastNLoudTV for the most up-to-date information. To learn more about FAST N’ LOUD, please visit

About Mobil 1

The world's leading synthetic motor oil brand, Mobil 1 features anti-wear technology that provides performance beyond our conventional motor oils. This technology allows Mobil 1 to meet or exceed the toughest standards of car builders and to provide exceptional protection against engine wear, under normal or even some of the most extreme conditions. Mobil 1 flows quickly in extreme temperatures to protect critical engine parts and is designed to maximize engine performance and help extend engine life.

For more information, visit, follow on Facebook at and on Twitter at @Mobil1.

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