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AHLA Announces its 2015 Dream Lease Sweepstakes

The American Hunting Lease Association (AHLA) is proud to announce its 2015 Dream Lease Sweepstakes.

The American Hunting Lease Association (AHLA) is proud to announce its 2015 Dream Lease Sweepstakes. The Association has partnered with hunting industry giants like Yeti Coolers, Sitka Gear, Base Camp Leasing and Redneck Blinds to provide incredible prizes that will make the 2015 hunting season a memorable one for winners.

The AHLA says the grand prize will be a $10,000 gift certificate that can be used toward any available Base Camp Leasing (BCL) lease property. The gift certificate can be used on a single lease or multiple leases simultaneously. Entering the sweepstakes offers potential winners the opportunity to hunt some of the best lands in the U.S. for whitetail, turkeys and waterfowl. Hunters can look forward to the grand prize being awarded after the sweepstakes end on August 31.

Additional prizes, include jacket and pants hunting systems from Sitka. Sitka has brought their state of the art technology from its predominantly western hunting roots, to the whitetail woods of the Midwest. The results are better concealment for hunters combined with a higher level of warmth and comfort. Yeti Coolers has also agreed to provide multiple Tundra coolers as prizes. Yeti created an industry with its high performance coolers. Hunters that use them once agree, they are an invaluable tool to keep food, drinks and even game cold and fresh. Other prizes include a hay bale blind from Redneck Blinds and a gift certificate from Merk Farms Hunting.

All prizes will be awarded in reverse order as the sweepstakes progress through the spring and summer months, with the grand prize being the final prize awarded. For more information about the sweepstakes, interested individuals should visit the AHLA website.

About the American Hunting Lease Association

As a hunting lease liability insurance policy provider, the American Hunting Lease Association is dedicated to providing low-cost, high-quality liability coverage to landowners, hunting clubs and individuals. Its liability insurance protects covered individuals against exposure in the case of accidents, injuries or property damage. The association rates premiums based solely on covered acreage. In addition to liability insurance coverage, the AHLA also advocates on behalf of its members, the hunting lease industry and the hunting community in general.

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