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3 ways to get website visitors to stay on your site longer

For any business, your website can be an extremely important marketing tool. A successful website should be able to attract visitors and convert them into potential clients or customers. But how is this possible?

Websites are designed to attract visitors to click through to the site, when searching for particular keywords in a search engine. The results that show up on the first page are often those which visitors are most likely to look at.  If your site is unable to deliver its purpose to the audience looking at it, then it is highly likely they will click off the site, and you could potentially lose this customer.

The saying ‘first impressions count’ applies to many things in life. The same goes for web design.  Web design layouts should be carefully thought out, and planned effectively with a good web designer, or web design company.  They will have the expertise and knowledge to be able to build an appealing website that delivers what your target audience are looking for.

Whilst having an attractive website may do the job, what actually exists in terms of content is the real key to potentially securing a customer once they are on your website.  Providing quality information that has been researched well and offers something valuable to the site visitor is one way to get them to stay on the website for longer. This means that they are then more likely to explore other pages on the site.

There are many other ways that you can get website visitors to stay interested in your pages. Here are 3 ways that can help you with this.


Navigation bars should be user friendly; this means that they should be easy to read, clear and a good colour should be chosen so that it is readable. Having bright colours on the page can instantly affect somebody’s eyes, and this can have a negative user experience from their side, eventually leading them to clicking off the page.  Any type of navigation which leads the visitor from one page to the other should be functioning correctly, and each page should offer new, valuable information.

User Friendly Images and Text

Text used on all pages of the website should be easy to read and understand.  You have to put yourself in your visitor’s shoes, and think of what they would like to see and read. Images used should always be of a high quality, and text should be relevant to the page that you are discussing.  It is important not to bombard the site with too much text or too many images, as it can overwhelm the user and divert them away from your website.

Site Loading Time

There are many websites that take a long time to load, and for many visitors this can be one of the biggest off putting factors. It is more than likely to make somebody leave your site.  Avoid using too many images, advertisements, flash objects or plug INS, as these are all contributing factors to slowing your site down.

Regularly check how long it takes for your pages to load, and ensure they load in a reasonable amount of time to keep your visitor on your pages for longer.

If you are looking for a web designer in Hampshire, you will be able to seek professional advice on how to make your site user friendly. A web design company can help support you to shape your website, and can carry out various checks to ensure that it is running well.


Yescando are a web design company in Hampshire, who can help you create an attractive website with relevant features to keep visitors on your site for longer.


Providing quality information that has been researched well and offers something valuable to the site visitor is one way to get them to stay on the website for longer.
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