Seven Steps to Building Your Sales Pipeline, Before the Pipeline Even Exists!

Imagine if you could identify a decision maker who would very likely be interested in your product or service, before the decision maker was even hired? Would your sales improve if you called on companies that you knew were a perfect fit for what you were selling?

An excellent way to find out what’s going on inside a company — and possibly where a company is headed in terms of new products or markets — is to look at its job postings.

For example, if a company is advertising for an engineer who speaks Mandarin, it’s a pretty good bet the company is entering the China market. If the company is looking for a sales representative or marketing person with specific industry experience, you can safely guess that the company is going to start selling its products and services to that market. If a company is looking for someone with expertise using a specific technology, it's a pretty safe bet that the organization has purchased, or will be purchasing, that product.

In addition to gaining insight into a company, reviewing job postings is a great way to discover a sales "trigger event." 

In many industries, a "trigger event" occurs when a new executive is hired. Why? Because many times, a few weeks after an executive is hired, that individual wants to prove her worth and so she may evaluate existing vendors contracts. Or he may be open to new solutions to show how smart he is and why he is a good hire.

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Find buyers that are a perfect fit for your company's solutions, before the buyer is even hired!
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