Must Have Stocking Stuffer Ideas for your iPhone

Here are five products suited to awaken your iPhone's potential and, a smile to your face and fill up your stocking stuffers!

Since the the release of Apple’s fifth slice, a slew of accessories has emerged, providing dreamy functions, perplexing embellishments and fabric graphic skins.

Here are five products suited to awaken your iPhone's potential, add a smile to your face, and fill up your stocking stuffers!

Close Shooting

Easy Macro introduces their Macro Lens Band. This slight blue band includes a lense ready to deliver granular scenes. Catch a minute in the sand and start counting grains. This one even fits into the smallest stocking stuffers!

Uni Look

Photo Jojo releases their sturdy aluminum phone Fisheye lense. This attachment curves moments panoramically. Include an array of scenes in one image. This one makes your stocking stuffers look even bigger!

Diving Memory

The iPhone Scuba Suit from PhotoJojo creates stellar images. Explore picture possibilities in the deep (or shallow) sea. Swim down to capture a coral reef garden, or that magnificent drain in your bathtub. The perfect fit for neoprene stocking stuffers!

Wired Hues

Color coding is a simple, fun classification. Whooz vinyl identification labels by Satvia Turner ease the frustrations of indistinguishable wires. A Kickstarter progress turned success brightens up plain headphones with rainbow recognition. Add a little color to your stocking stuffers!

Organic Armor

Another Kickstarter “yay” project introduces itself to vulnerable i’s. The slender polycarbonate frames from Slimline protect your mindphone while shedding bulk. This streamlined casing comes in black, white, and a limited edition rascal red. This one is sturdy enough for the toughest stocking stuffers!

A powerful new camera lens that fits over every camera phone on the market today. Just snap it on, and your phone will instantly take beautiful close-up pictures.
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